If you’re looking for some good old-fashioned ghost stories, we’ve found plenty of them just for you in our books. We’ve dug up  stories, legends and tales from all over Ohio so. . . if you like adventure, you’ll  love our guides that lead you from Lebanon to Cleveland, Allen County to Wood County.   There aren’t many dark dirt roads, shadowy cemeteries, or foggy woodland paths we won’t travel. We listened to ghosts at Prospect Place and walked the dim passages of Mansfield Reformatory to catch spirits with our cameras. Haunted Hocking has clambered through poison ivy to get a shot of the most haunted place in Delaware and sat in more than a few stuffy library attics to unearth some long-ago stories  buried deep in the annals of history.   Now, let us share the stories we've unearthed with you.    

So come with us. Find yourself caught up in a ghost story.    Lock the doors. Turn on all the lights. Grab your teddy bear.  Because there’s some scary stuff here-                     

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